MSI Wind Nettop 100 Desktop PC (1.6 GHz Intel Atom Dual Core N330 Processor, Barebone) Black

MSI Wind Nettop 100 Desktop PC (1.6 GHz Intel Atom Dual Core N330 Processor, Barebone) Black

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Intel atom330 (dual core) 1.6g intel gma950, 7 x usb 2.0 ports drive bays: 1 x 3.5 & 1 x 5.25 wifi antenna 4-in-1 card reader & silver foot stand

Product Details

  • Amazon Sales Rank: #110 in Personal Computers
  • Color: Black
  • Brand: MSI
  • Model: Wind Nettop 100
  • Dimensions: 11.80" h x 9.40" w x 2.55" l, 8.00 pounds


  • Intel Dual Core Atom 330 1.6Ghz CPU on board; Intel 945GC ICH7; Intel GMA 950 Graphics.
  • USB 2.0 x 6 (Front 2/ Rear 4); 7.1ch HD Audio, VGA x 1; 10/100/1000Mb Ethernet x 1; CF Card Slot (on board) x 1; Mic-in x1; Headphone-out x1

Customer Reviews

Barebone Review: Atom dual core performace is excellent and = low watts5 >>>> UPDATE! mon 20 july 2009 <<<< --------------------------------------------------------------------- I make a puzzle with tcpmp win32, and now with it you can play even 1080p videos and others high bitrated videos with the intel GMA ! You can play HD content with it totally smoothly ! for eee pc as well --------------------------------------------------------------------- This is the best low consuption computer. COOL > There is no hard drive, memory, or disc drive. So you can choose what you want and save money, and choose low power hard disk > Only 30 W of power are required :-) Earth will thank you > Atoms dual core performance is great, don't worry about it if you are planning using it like a server 24/7 BAD > There is no wifi card > Intel GMA video chip is slowly and crappy. Here is my recomendation: You will realize, that you actually can't play high definition videos with the wife of the Atom processor, the Intel Graphics Media "Accelerator" (GMA). Frame skipping and audio cuts, will be totally a mess. Can be frustrating, but there is a solution: > Deactivate deblocking filter on all the codecs that support it (H.264/MPEG-4 AVC) How ? Install klite codec pack, and at the end of the setup, choose deactivate deblocking. If you use build-in codecs player programs such GOMPlayer, there are options for quit deblocking filters. This way you can play even 720p hardly encoded videos, you will see some blocks here and there, but no frame skipping or audio cuts. Alternately, if you need more performance, you can choose 16bit of color depth. FEATURES: There is a: 1) cdrom/dvd bay, 2) mini pcie port, 3) wifi antenna -and rear socket for it- 4) rear jacks for 7.1 speakers system -and line-in/out and mic- 5) one frontal speakers jack 6) one frontal microfone jack 7) two frontal usb ports 8) four rear usb ports 9) one rear ethernet jack 10) one rear VGA port 11) one frontal SD/MMC card slot 11) two SATA internal ports -sata only- 12) CF internal port -compact flash port- 13) one DDR2 200-Pin SODIMM Laptop Memory RAM slot 14) 3.5 hard disk bay 15) one power button 16) one power supply 17) one disc with drivers/controllers 18) one vertical stand adapter 19) one multilanguage user manual There is no: 1) reset button 2) wifi card 3) DVI port 4) IDE ports -sata only- 5) hard disk -must get it- 6) compact flash drive 7) dvd/cd drive 8) ram memory -must get it- Enjoy your hardware. Gets the job done, low powered4 I needed something that could run 24/7 as a file server that could be occasionally used as a Desktop. While I would not recommend this as an everyday desktop, it gets the job done. Pros: Size Solid Build - High quality contruction, feels like a mini business class desktop. Low Power Usage Took only 10 minutes to install ram, hard drive and dvd burner. External power supply reduces heat (laptop type ac adapter). For much less than $300 I was able to build a 1tb file server that will outperform just about any NAS in that price range. Cons: No WDDM 1.1 support for the 945 chipset. This cripples Aero performance when using Windows 7. No linux drivers for this chipset, forcing VESA drivers. Loud - The single fan is louder than I expected. I'm looking into replacing the fan. You can not run 2 hard drives at the same time due to power limitations. Not an issue for most people, but worth a mention if somebody is planning on using the ODD sata port for a 2nd hard drive... ___________________ Other thoughts: After reading rave reviews of Windows 7's performance on netbooks I thought this would be a no brainer. I did not take into consideration the low netbook resolution which is much easier on the graphic chip than my 19" monitor is. Disabling some visual effects like transparent windows and animations helps, but Windows XP may be a better option for everday use. Edit: After trying everything from Ubuntu to Windows 7, I've found that Windows XP runs better than anything else on this. Everything works the way you would expect it to in XP, while everything else either suffered from less than full hardware support or inconsistent performance. (end edit) Built in CF slot is perfect for a permanent ready boost solution. Performance is exactly what I expected. A quieter fan and a chipset that supports WDDM 1.1 would have earned it a 5th star. No regrets here... ___________________ Notes on Amazon: My first order was dead on arrival. Amazon got a replacement to me less than 17 hours after I submitted the return request. They paid for the return shipping and overnight shipping for the replacement. I can't say enough good things about Amazon. a good thing made better5
I purchased one of the single core models like this for personal
use, and was so impressed, I got one of these dual core models to use
in my "day job." I wanted to experiment to see how well these beasties
stood up against the other full sized PCs we use. I started out using
Ubuntu Linux, but plan to try XP on it as well.

This barebone computer is NOT complete; minus RAM, a hard drive or
Compact Flash card, an optical drive, monitor, keyboard and mouse, and
operating system. Adding all those items can easily cost more than the
basic machine, depending on how much you have sitting around. Since I
had plenty of monitors, keyboards, and mice, I only needed to add RAM,
hard drive, and optical drive to be ready to install Unbuntu. (I
actually had a spare new SATA hard drive as well.)

Installing the parts was about a 20-30 minute task. The case and
motherboard are quite well made and solid. I haven't installed a
Compact Flash card on the motherboard, but that would require removing
the motherboard due to the case size and positioning of the connector.
Installing, updating, and running Ubuntu on it is a breeze. The wired
network connection works quite well. I rarely use wireless, so haven't
tried that.

While some people like to complain about fan noise, I come from an
era where computers were a lot more noisy than they are today, and that
doesn't make much difference to me. I don't find the fan to be a

Benchmark tests I have seen rate the overall average performance
gains from the dual core model at about 30% over the single core Atom.
I can say that I noticed a very clear difference in how the Flightgear
flight simulator worked on the different models. The dual core
performance gain with that software was very apparent.

This is NOT a game machine or a 3D rendering machine, so don't
compare it to those. It is a small, low power, basic computer that
works well for most desktop uses, as well as many media uses. I have
run photo slide shows while also playing WAV files (not smaller mp3s)
with no problems at all on the single core machine. This beastie and a
17 inch (or larger) monitor would make a great digital picture frame.

This is the only computer I have seen using the dual core Atom
chip, and I am surprised that more aren't using it. It would probably
create some heat issues for tiny netbook-style cases, so this might
just be the ideal format for it.

This is a sweet little computer, and you can hardly go wrong
getting it for most daily uses. It is one of the most cost effective
computer solutions available. I am currently using it in a small TV
control room for monitoring online video conferencing recording, and it
does just fine with that.

I have not tried playing DVDs or HD video files on these machines, since a DVD player is far less expensive. At some point in the near future, I will try a DVD in the dual core machine and update this review.