Asus EeeBox EBXB202-BLK-X0081 Desktop PC (1.6 GHz Intel Atom Processor, 1 GB RAM, 160 GB Hard Drive, XP Home) Black

Asus EeeBox EBXB202-BLK-X0081 Desktop PC (1.6 GHz Intel Atom Processor, 1 GB RAM, 160 GB Hard Drive, XP Home) Black
From Asus

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Product Description

EEE Box is the smallest desktop PC in the world and can be easily moved from room to room. It can be mounted to most of LCD in order to save even more space. Its 8.5" x 7" x 1" dimension is smaller than an A4 paper. It is quieter than a whisper and pre-installed with the latest technology ATOM. Its Windows XP OS is easy to use and compatible with most software. It allows users to access Internet, play game, or listen music with Express Gate in seconds without entering the OS. It reduces energy usage (and cost) by 90% compared to the typical PC, so it helps protect the environment. It is equipped with the fastest wireless LAN connect 802.11n. In the package, it contains keyboard, mouse, DVI-D-SUB Convertor, SPDIF, Stand, VESA Mounting Kit, and 65w Adaptor.

Product Details

  • Amazon Sales Rank: #109 in Personal Computers
  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Asus
  • Model: EBXB202-BLK-X0081
  • Dimensions: 7.00" h x 1.00" w x 8.50" l, 8.00 pounds


  • Cute TIny Size - The world's smallest PC and can be easily moved from room to room. Its 8.5"" x 7"" x 1"" dimension is smaller than a A4 paper
  • Super Quiet - Preinstalled with the latest intel technology ATOM, It is quieter than a whisper or as quiet as a wristwatch
  • Time Saving - Users can access the Internet through ASUS invoative system ""Express Gate"" to check email, surf online or chat with friends in seconds without entering the OS
  • Environmental Friendly and Cost Saving - It reduces energy usage (and cost) by 90% compared to the typical PC, so it helps to protect the environment
  • Space Saving - Easy mounting to the back of most LCD, it helps save valuable space in home or office

Customer Reviews

Great Niche PC!5 I purchased this Asus Eee PC as an experiment, replacing my bulky Media Center PC (aka Home Theater PC or HTPC), and I have been extremely satisfied so far. The unit is small (1/10th the footprint of my HTPC), quiet, very responsive, and makes an attractive (if only diminutive) addition to my entertainment center. I use the unit for web browsing with a wireless keyboard and mouse/remote (with accelerometer), watching online video, Amazon UnBox videos, music playback (multiple formats), video playback (multiple formats), and playing DVDs. So far I have no complaints, from me (the household geek) or my family (internet junkies one-and-all). Pros: Affordable, small, quick boot, attractive design, high quality graphics, low power consumption, very quiet (nearly silent), and it can be mounted to the back of a display (using the VESA mount). Cons: None noted Summary: This very well design unit is not suited for all applications, but when you need a small PC, with diminished demands, this is an excellent solution at a very affordable price. I added a USB DVD/CD RW to my tools, using only when needed, and it works flawlessly. Cute, well-designed, sub-par online performance3 As much as I regret it, I have no choice but to return this machine because of its unacceptable online performance. But, let me first provide a brief account of my experience with the EeeBox... Desktop PC. For the sake of complete disclosure, my unit came in 'white'. Setup: ------ Very easy. The machine comes in a nice little box that hosts its body, the USB keyboard, USB mouse, desktop stand, mounting bracket if it is to be attached to a monitor, Wi-Fi antenna, DVI to VGA adapter, power adapter, manuals, disks, etc. Everything is very tightly and securely packed. For the physical setup you may need a flat and a Phillips screwdriver if the PC is to be mounted on the back of a monitor. I didn't even notice until the Asus came that certain monitors allow for the installation of a mounting bracket on their back - apparently this is a standard - and the little Asus can be made to sit there - 4 screws to attach the bracket to the monitor and the bracket itself has ONE thumb screw that's sufficient to attach the PC's body to it. There is only a DVI interface for the video but the supplied DVI-VGA adapter takes care of those monitors that do not support DVI. The Wi-Fi antenna is easily attached (screwed in) to the body. To my surprise, my white box came with a black antenna but, since I decided to keep it hanging on the back of the monitor, the color mismatch did not bother me. Once the keyboard and mouse are plugged in and the machine is powered up Windows XP installs itself. It's as easy as providing the user's name. The manual explains exactly how to set up the Wi-Fi and/or the wired network connection. The entire setup, physical and software can be completed in less than one hour and it presents no major challenges. A BIG plus about the setup is that practically there is ZERO bloatware. No AOL, Norton Whatever or software that's set to expire in 30 days appears to be running. In fact, the only thing that you see on the desktop, once the XP installs is the Explorer icon, the trash can and, I believe, the Adobe reader. Features and performance: ------------------------ On the PC's sides there are 4 USB ports of which 2 are taken by the keyboard and the mouse, an Ethernet port, DVI port and, I believe, a memory stick reader - didn't check exactly which standards are supported. The optical mouse, while small, appears to be working well. The small keyboard is not 'typist quality' but it's usable. Of course, keyboards and mice are easy to replace. The machine, as expected, is very quiet and it stays cool while running. There are no speakers but audio in and out ports are present to allow for headphones/speakers and a microphone or some other audio source. There is no CD/DVD/BD drive but one could be easily attached via the USB. As far as running installed sapplications, performance appears to be good. However, any application that involved an on-line component had trouble running. My Wi-Fi router is providing for several computers, a PS3, an online printer and a PSP prior to EeeBox's arrival and performance was always adequate for each unit. The EeeBox, while properly configured - and the Wi-Fi monitor did show near-100% signal strength - was barely communicating with the outside world. It was consistently slow while its other fellow machines on the network were as happy and as fast as ever. It took me a couple of hours and several tries simply to install Google's Chrome browser. The Asus 'upgrades' site seemed to take its time to the extent that, several hours later, a 10MB upgrade received about one third of the data over HTTP and FTP failed altogether. The Adobe Flash player installed itself in about 20 minutes that that's how long it took for a Java update. Amazon's site was slow and so were Yahoo, CNN, Google News. All of the above was within the context of other of our computers whizzing along without any problems whatsoever. I did not test a 'wired' connection. Conclusion and recommendation: ------------------------------ When ordering this machine I was aware of its lacking a CD/DVD drive and speakers and its CPU, graphics and memory limitations and I accepted those limitations. But, as I stated from the beginning, I am returning it because of its unacceptably poor online performance over Wi-Fi. It is possible that there was something not quite right with this particular box so everyone should be aware that I am evaluating ONE specific machine here, the one that I received. It is possible that the performance is better over a wired connection but I did not test that. Had this machine performed better online, it would have been an easy 5-stars for design, ease of setup and functionality. Surprisingly Fast and Reliable5 I purchased this product a couple of months ago to use as a wall mounted rss information display driving an old flat panel. It has been rock solid without any problem for the wireless connection or need to reboot. It is virtually soundless and incredibly small. The only detraction is the price point is a bit high. If the price comes down, I could use more of these for standalone specialized applications.